Meet  Jenn

CRŪ Hair & Makeup Pro

As a North Jersey native living half an hour from New York City, I have been involved in many opportunities cosmetology has to offer. These opportunities, like New York Fashion Week, strived me to find my passion and work hard . But while the stay-busy mentality had its plus, the all work-no play lifestyle began to take its toll.

This drove me to break the routine and move to Colorado. I found a love of new scenery, biking and hiking. It allowed me to really connect to my roots, my community and ultimately start creating my true self. This is what I believe is true freedom of expression. It’s not about looking at or like what’s online, it is about truly empowering and bringing forth your inner self whether it is through laughter, hobbies, or most importantly, your own kind of beauty.

The services I offer are intended to enhance the art of you. Enhancing your features not only instills confidence but also creates an energy that will inspire you (and everyone around you) to be your utmost, creative self. Being able to help during such personal occasions is why I am here.