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How CRŪ Was Born

 CRŪ is the brainchild of master stylist and creative extraordinaire Corynne Lynch. Having spent the main portion of her career providing hair services in different parts of the country such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and even in Australia; Corynne was always able to build a strong and loyal clientele following no matter what part of the world she was living in. Corynne has always been dedicated to her craft, and even more committed to her clients by providing them with the best quality service. Sometimes that meant hopping on a plane for a weekend to visit clients in another state and providing hair services in their home! And just like that, CRŪ was born. Corynne found through her travels and years of experience that we live in a society based on convenience, we want everything at the tip of our fingers and as easy as 1, 2, 3.

So... What is CRŪ?

The answer is quite simple. We provide on-demand, on-location hair and makeup styling services. That’s right! We come to you! Whether it’s your home, office, hotel or WHEREVER we bring the salon experience to your door! Need to be ready for date night in less than an hour? No problem! Are you a hard working mom who desperately needs an afternoon to relax and be pampered? You got it! We bring the luxury spa-like experience to you! Don’t stress, our CRŪ Pros have got your back!

What About CRŪ Pros?

CRŪ Pros are the best of the best hair stylists and makeup artists in Colorado! We hire only licensed professionals and provide in-depth, on-going education and training, as well as our own CRŪ certification program. With that said, we hold the safety and security of our clients at the utmost importance and perform background checks on each one of our Pros. When a CRŪ Pro enters your home you are in the best possible hands!

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