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How to Achieve Your Best Wedding Hair

Great hair and makeup is more than just the day of service. It takes conscious care and consideration months leading up to your wedding day.

We want our brides to feel their absolute best on their wedding day. We want to encourage and educate our brides on realistic expectations for their bridal look.

With the world quite literally in our hands, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the curated images seen on social media.

This is why we are creating a 3 part blog series on the ins and outs of what it takes to achieve your best wedding hair and makeup look!


Hair Extensions- Are They Necessary?

Extensions are not just for those that have short hair and want it to be longer. We want brides to be aware that the majority of hair inspo pics you see online have some form of hair extensions in them. This is not to say that hair extensions are absolutely necessary for your wedding day, but if your hair style is an important factor to you, it may be worth it to invest in hair extensions.

Let's talk about what scenarios we would recommend investing in extensions.

Thin or Fine Hair

It is a common misconception that thin and fine hair are the same thing.

Thin hair or thinning hair describes when hair loss is more significant than the average loss of 50 to 100 strands per day. This can occur due to genetics, aging, hormones, or other medical reasons.

Thin hair can appear in patches or uneven growth and a notable lack of fullness or volume.

Fine hair describes the actual size of your hair strand, meaning fine hair= thinner strands. Fine hair doesn't mean you don't have a lot of hair. You can have fine strands, but a lot of them. Fine hair may not hold curls or style as well and may lack volume.

So, in either of these situations, extensions can enhance the final style of your hair in terms of the overall look and longevity. Hair extensions will hold a curl and style well because of the amount of processing the extension goes through. This allows your natural hair to blend with the extension, resulting in a long lasting style that otherwise may fall quickly.

To create full braids and textured styles with thin or fine hair, extensions are a must!

Hollywood Glam Waves

Ohhhh, the ever popular Hollywood waves. We get a request for this style at least once a week! For good reason, it's a gorgeous and timeless hair style. However, this style is not as simple as curling the hair and heading out the door. The majority of photos with this style have hair extensions. On a head with no extensions, typically, hair will be thicker at the top and thinner towards the ends, a sort of tapered appearance. With Hollywood glam waves, we want to create fullness throughout the entire hairstyle. If you want those sought after cascading waves, hair extensions will probably be necessary!

Adding Length

Ponytails and flowing bohemian braids have become really popular. If this is your desired look, obviously extensions can be helpful if your hair length is not quite where you want it! Same with half up half down, or all down. Adding length can make you feel more confident in your chosen style.


Color creates dimension within the hair and is especially apparent in updos. The variety and textured appearance will be determined by the multiple colors in your hair. "My hair will look boring because it's dark" is far from the truth! Brunette styles showcase beautiful shine and just look really luscious overall. But, if dimension and texture is what you desire, you may want to set an appointment up with your stylist to add some lightness within your hair! This is the same for our platinum brides, if you want more depth and variety in your style, you may need to add lowlights!

This is where hair extensions can play a role too! You can get extensions that have a highlighted/lowlighted appearance and easily create dimension in your wedding day style without altering your hair color.


As stated before- are extensions necessary? Well.. is anything in the beauty realm necessary? No. It's all about what makes you feel beautiful and confident. We hope that this blog post about hair extensions can help you make an informed decision on what will allow you to feel your best!

Keep an eye out for our next post on the reality of wedding day makeup. Until next time <3

Love, CRŪ


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