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  • What services do you offer?

We specialize in bridal hair and makeup, but we offer our hair and makeup services for photoshoots (engagement, boudoir, family, maternity, etc.), special events (galas, proms, work events) production (TV, commercials), or even date night! Any occasion you want to feel a little more dolled up, we can be there!

  • Do I have to schedule a consult?

On location appointments (i.e. anything besides a wedding) do not require a consult.

For weddings, yes! This is how we gather all of the information needed to create your timeline. It is a phone call with one of our booking coordinators that typically only takes 10 minutes!

  • How long does each service take and can you accommodate large bridal parties?

Bridal party services range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and bride services range from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 min. The specific timing will come down to which pro does your service. Yes! We can accommodate large bridal parties, our booking team is here to help you determine the time and amount of pros needed to complete your services!

  • Is there a travel fee?

Yes, our policy is .65 cents per mile from our studio location. Our booking team can help you determine what that pricing would be.

  • How do I secure my date?

A 50% deposit of your services is required to secure your date!

  • Do I need a finalized amount of services when I'm booking?

We understand that you may be booking your services many months in advance, so a rough estimate is ok! You can add services later if needed, but we do recommend having a finalized number at least 2 months prior to your wedding to ensure there is pro availability!


  • Do I need a trial?

We highly recommend having a trial. Trial runs ensure you and your pro feel completely comfortable on wedding day.

  • What do I need to bring?

Any accessories, veils, and jewelry you plan on wearing for wedding day are recommended. Try to wear a solid white shirt or dress, as bright colors or prints can be distracting from your makeup and hair style.

  • When should I book my trial?

You can book your trial whenever you'd like; however, we recommend booking within a few months of your wedding. The season is something to consider, as well as your pro's skill set. As artists, our pros are constantly evolving and polishing their skills with each makeup application or hair service.


  • Will my lipstick last all night?

This will depend on the finish of whatever lip product you decide to use. Matte has the most longevity, but it can be drying. Gloss and lipstick will certainly need a touchup as the night goes on.

Some of our pros may offer a small sample of the lip product they used on you for touch ups, but it is not required of our pros. If you have a trial, it may be a good idea to purchase whatever lip product you use then, this way you can touch up whenever you please!

  • What if I cry?

We use waterproof products for this reason! ;)

PRO TIP- If the tears start flowing, dab, don't wipe!

  • What is the difference between airbrush and traditional foundation?

We have a blog post that goes more in depth, check that out here. The cliff notes: airbrush is good for those hot summer outdoor weddings and normal to oily skin types, but traditional foundation formulation has advanced to mimic airbrush foundation.

  • Do I need to bring my own makeup?

No! Our pro will have everything needed. If there are specific products you own that you just love, you're more than welcome to bring them.

  • Can you cover up my tattoo, tan line, or bruising?

YES! Additional charges are up to the discretion of your pro, depending on size, amount needed to color correct, and area of cover up.


  • Do I need extensions?

This will depend on your desired look and your hair type/length. We have a blog post that goes more in depth about extensions here. We also offer a pre-trial consult via zoom, this allows you and your pro to chat about your concerns and needs and lets your pro determine if you will need extensions before your trial.

  • Do you sell extensions?

Currently, we do not! We do have a site that we can recommend to you for clip-in extensions.

  • Will my veil mess up my hair?

Your pro will show you, or whoever will be helping you, how to take your veil in and out.

Pro tip- wiggle slowly out to create the least amount of damage to the style!


  • Will the tan get on my clothes or dress?

Initially after your spray tan appointment, the tan may transfer to your clothes, this is why our prep instructions state to wear dark clothing to minimize staining. After the 8 hour processing period and you've showered, the tan has developed and will not transfer.

  • Will I look orange?

There are different levels of color with our tans. Your pro can help you decide what tone will suit you! We have an in depth blog post on tanning here!

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions!!! <3

Love, CRŪ


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