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How to Achieve Your Best Spray Tan

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by self-tanning lotions in the early 2000s. Orange hands, elbows, and knees, streaks for days and stains on clothes anyone?

Luckily, a lot has developed in the world of sunless tans.

Looking washed out in a white bridal gown is a common concern of many brides and consequently looking orange or splotchy is as well.

Our airbrush services are customizable to each skin tone and skin type and allows for a beautiful, natural looking glow.

We are on our final part of our 3 part blog series on achieving your best bridal look! Read on to get our best tips for that lasting sun-kissed glow!

48 hours prior to the appointment

Exfoliating the skin removes the top layer of dead skin cells. Tanning solution will cling on to any dry patches you may have so it is imperative that you exfoliate 48 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. You can exfoliate with either a body scrub (store bought or easy to make with ingredients found in your pantry!) a loofah, or a boar bristle body brush.

Give extra attention to the driest parts of your body such as your knees, ankles, elbows, and hands.

After exfoliating, you can moisturize, but steer clear of using products with oils, as these will break down the tanning solution and block absorption.

After exfoliating, shave if desired.

24 Hours prior to the appointment

Take your shower no less than 24 hours before your appointment! At this time you will need to avoid any lotions, oils, deodorants, or perfumes.

Do not wax or shave at this time.


Avoid showering, exercising, washing hands, or anything that will get your skin wet for at least 8 hours to allow time for your tan to develop properly. To have a lasting tan, continue to moisturize well and avoid scrubbing while showering.


We hope that you have enjoyed our three part series on achieving your best bridal look! The main objective of doing this series is to help brides feel confident and informed in their decisions regarding the beauty aspect of your wedding planning season.

Happy planning, see you in a future blog soon!

Love, CRŪ


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