Our CRŪ Pros (A to Z)

Morgan Hills-Adetoye

Spray Tanning Pro

Morgan is a native to Colorado and has been a spray tan junkie since she was in high school. She is all about health and wellness, so the fact that she can make you bronzed and beautiful, without the harm of tanning, gives her all the feels! She enjoys a solid pour of wine and taking walks around downtown Denver with her husband and French Bulldog, Blu Ivy. Book your spray tan with her today! The non-toxic and vegan Sjolie tanning products make you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the world!

Karly Porter

Makeup Pro

My love of makeup started with a local beauty store and a lot of trusting friend's faces. 10 years later, years of apprenticeship, a professional license and over 100 clients; I have built a successful career in the beauty industry. I have been lucky enough to work with models for both runway and print, a number of personal clients and more weddings than I can count. I give clients looks that are fresh and accentuate their best features and an experience that has them feeling as good as they look. I love working with clients of all skin types and skin colors. My services are inclusive and safe for all clients. 

Ida Nelson

Hair & Makeup Pro

Hello! My name is Ida, I'm an esthetician & barber (and former accountant but shhhhh! don't tell anyone!). I was born and raised in our own Colorful Colorado. You can usually hear me jammin' out to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now... because you know... I'm having such a good time!


I adore delivering beauty and good feels to our clients all over the state. I feel so honored to be a small part in someone's day or event. I live for that contagious smile on a client's face after a job well done. 


I believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful and a good artist knows how to enhance anyone's beauty and play up your best features. So what look are we going for today?

Kim Schlosser

Makeup Pro

My name is Kimberly and I am an Esthetician and Makeup artist. I was born in San Diego but moved to wonderful Colorado when I was 8 years old. I am a mother to 2 wonderful little girls and have been in the industry for 5 years now. I love every minute of it! Skin has always been my passion and makeup can be just as powerful; we are all a blank canvas! 


 I strongly believe that every woman should feel beautiful and confident from the inside out. It is such an amazing feeling to see that confidence come out when I finish with my clients. When they look in the mirror and see the beauty on the outside, it is truly empowering! 


It doesn't matter what we do in life but we should all make time for self care! We are all worth it. I don't care what size, shape or color you are! We all deserve it!

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